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Massage in the workplace has been shown to increase employee productivity


Today’s workers are spending more and more hours in static, seated postures. The deliterious effects of this include posturally induced musculo-skeletal problems, repetition induced musculo-skeletal problems, headaches, lower limb swelling, weight gain, increased sensation of fatigue, poorer sense of well being, and ultimately poorer productivity through both increased sick days and greater inefficiencies when at work.

Massage in the workplace has been shown to increase employee productivity by addressing some of these by-products of the modern office setup. Employees that are introducing regular workplace massage are reaping the rewards of increased employee engagement, reduced sick leave, greater employee awareness of ‘good’ posture practice and improved sense of well being around the office. An employer that is prepared to invest in the health of its workforce is actually investing in their bottom line. It is a win win situation. Workers are happier and healthier, company is more profitable.

Some people may have initial reservations about the role of massage in the workplace. But workplace massage need only take 15-20 minutes out of the workers day. Time easily made up by the increased productivity it produces. The massage therapist comes to the workplace with a specially designed seated massage chair. Ideally this is set up in a small out of the way area of the building. The massage chair is fully adjustable and designed to allow the employee to adopt a comfortable and relaxing position while at the same time enabling the therapist to treat the back, shoulders, arms, and hands. No oils or lotions are necessary. After the massage employees are left refreshed and ready to return to work immediately.

A 1996 study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that a 15-minute chair massage administered twice a week over a period of five weeks reduced anxiety, improved alertness, and even produced an increase in speed and accuracy in mathematical computations.